About Us

MeZIGO has partnered with 41+ shops (dukas) across Kenya to act as delivery points for online merchants. This lowers the costs of delivery to as low as Ksh.100 within Nairobi.

MeZIGO is a Kenyan based delivery company started in May 15th, 2020 as a delivery enabler for online merchants. To make delivery cheaper both customers and businesses, MeZIGO began a collection point delivery model. This seeks to ease the logistical hustle for online merchants by giving them access to collection points in their receiver's home estate. 

Through MeZIGO you can conveniently drop-off your items and have your receiver collect the item at a store near them. This model works by using economies of scale to reduce the cost of delivery.

Mr. Kevin Apondi, co-founder at MeZIGO was quoted in a recent conversation "Many people fail to see the money lost in the amount of time spent organizing deliveries. If your core business is making masks, or retailing jewelry, spending 2-3 hours of your day checking if each order arrived to the respective customer isn't what you need to be doing. Customers deserve convenience and a shop near them provides just that, while allowing you to keep track of each package. No delivery company right now in Kenya allows you to track multiple packages at once except MeZIGO".

To enjoy the service online sellers must first login to the platform , and create a delivery order before taking their package(s) to the nearest drop-off location for shipment to the delivery point(s) of choice. For businesses with packages within the Nairobi CBD, MeZIGO offers a pickup service at Ksh.100 for all your packages. 

In a world where doorstep delivery could cost upwards of half your product price, it's important to always think about the needs of your customer when is comes to product delivery.

If you're a merchant who delivers items in bulk (5-100 parcels a day), then we advice considering collection points as another delivery option for your customers. We're calling it the collect-conveniently model.

The advantages of this model are:
1. Allows you as the sender to bulk the packages going to the same location and cut on courier costs.
2. It eliminates the stress of back and forth communication with your client/receiver (if they are at the gate to come collect their package).
3. Allows receivers to collect at the convenience of their time

Talk to us today if you would like to add another delivery option for your customers.

- Team #TumaNaMezigo